Beauty Tuesday: Face Primers

Face Primers
Hello my beauties, and I know today’s post is coming out rather late but hey it was the holiday weekend.  Anywho today’s post is going to be all about face primers and showcasing some of my favorite products.  One of the must have items in every makeup kit would definitely be a face primer that fits your skin type.  It smooths out the skin and creates a flawless canvas for foundation of all kinds.
I have tried to choose primers in every budget so no matter what your price range you can add one of these amazing products to your kit.  Until next time my loves!!

Tools of the Trade

So for my very first Basic Thursday (#basicthursday) I thought I would do a review on a brand that I have been using for years now in my professional hair kit.  For years I have had this deep love affair with the Cortex International brand for curling wands and flat irons, they were one of the very first companies to have a full ceramic plate on their flat irons.  And believe when you are doing a client with super frizzy hair it really makes a difference.

So image my surprise last week when I come into my office and fine not only a new flat iron but also a 4 in 1 curling wand wait for me I almost jumped through the roof!  I have been lusting for that 4 in 1 curling wand for so very long but the $200 price tag has prevented me from investing in this beauty but now I am the proud owner of this kit must have.  Check out my review below and until next time my loves…..


To find a retailer near you check out the Cortex website directly.

Knowledge is Key~Build Your Own Site

Hello my beauties, so today’s business Wednesday tip is all about educating yourself when it comes to business.  If you are like me you already know that having a website is essential  in today’s business world, and if you’re like me then your website is more likely than not WordPress based.  Over the years I have spent so much money on updating and maintaining my site that I am just like I am going to do this myself.  I’m not totally lost when it comes to my dashboard but everyone needs help so here are two books that really helped me get a leg up when it comes to my website and SEO!

Check out my review below and be sure to pick up your copy!!

WordPress To Go:

SEO for WordPress:



DIY Brush Storage

Hello my loves!!  And welcome to my first Beauty Tuesday post!!  Very excited about this one as it’s a DIY project that I am sure so many of my fellow freelancers can relate to.  So a while back one of my fav stores Sephora started storing there brushes in these cool clear beads and the next thing you know there were tons of DIY tutorials everywhere on the internet and I will admit even I had to follow suit.  Well fast forward 2 years and I am so sick of stepping on and sweeping up these little beads I could scream and besides that I have collected so many new brushes I needed more storage.

Enter these cool candles that Siobhan picked up from Marshalls for the studio and they smelled amazing….well now they are gone so what to do? Turn them into handy storage for my makeup brushes, now not only do I have some detailed brush holders I now have even more storage for them so I can sort my babies out by use.  Check out the video below and if you have your own DIY project I would love to see it, be sure to tag me on social media using the hashtags #beautyTuesday and #BWilsonBeauty.  Until next time my loves

Business Wednesday: Contracts

So after all this time I can’t believe that I have never posted this video on my website, a few months ago I had received so many questions on contracts I just decided to make a video about it.  I have had so many conversations about contracts sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode, and especially due to the fact that I deal with so many bridal parties on a daily basis I am no longer surprised when life throws a monkey wrench at me.  Here is a video that I hope you all find helpful and will take away some important tips to make your business better.  I mean let’s face it there are some scandalous people out there who are just look to exploit my fellow talented artists for there own personal gain.

You never know what may happen, snow storms, hurricanes, peoples finiancial status may change so be sure to protect yourself and your clients in writing. If you have any additional questions on contracts and protecting yourself legally please feel free to contact me via email and I will make another video!!